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Press Releases and Notifications
Department Organization Chart & Reports
Community Education
Application Forms
Standard Details & Specifications
Historical Maps from 1950
Volunteer Firefighter Administrative Forms

Press Releases and Notifications

form AlertSCC Countywide Emergency Notification System Launch [pdf; 52k]

form County of Santa Clara Appoints New Fire Chief [pdf; 672k]

Department Organization Chart & Reports

form Department Organization Chart [pdf; 330k]
form Department 2012 Annual Report [pdf; 980k]
form Department 2011 Annual Report [pdf; 3.7mb]
form Department 2010 Annual Report [pdf; 2.2mb]
form Department 2009 Annual Report [pdf; 7.8mb]
form Department 2008 Annual Report [pdf; 880k]
form Department 2007 Annual Report [pdf; 865k]
form Department 2006 Annual Report [pdf; 4.8mb]
form Department 2005 Annual Report [pdf; 4.2mb]
form Department 2004 Annual Report [pdf; 1.4mb]
form Audit Report 2011 [pdf; 4.3mb]
form Audit Report 2010 [pdf; 6.7mb]
form Audit Report 2009 [pdf; 6.4mb]
form Audit Report 2008 [pdf; 6.6mb]
form Audit Report 2007 [pdf; 6.2mb]
form Business Plan [pdf; 2.1mb]
form Strategic Plan [pdf; 2.7mb]


Community Education



form PEP Calendar - 2014 West Valley Regional [pdf]


form Personal Emergency Preparedness (PEP) Class Flyer Jan-Jun 2014 [pdf]

Child Educational Activity Sheets


form Be Ready 1-2-3 Workbook [pdf; 528k]


form Preschool Activity Sheet [pdf; 204k]


form GSA 1st Aid Brownie Grade 2-3.pdf [pdf; 1.0mb]


form GSA 1st Aid Junior Grade 4-5.pdf [pdf; 1.1mb]


form GSA 1st Aid Cadette Grade 6-8.pdf [pdf; 1.2mb]


form GSA 1st Aid Senior Grade 9-10.pdf [pdf; 590k]


form GSA 1st Aid Ambassador Grade 11-12.pdf [pdf; 1.3mb]

Home Safety Information


form Carbon Monoxide - The Silent Killer [pdf; 2.9mb]


form Carbon Monoxide Frequently Asked Questions [pdf; 57k]


form Fire Escape Planning & Practice [pdf; 88k]


form Fire Escape Planning Mapgrid [pdf; 296k]


form Fire Extinguisher Information [pdf; 909k]


form Smoke Alarms Pamphlet [pdf; 5.6mb]

Safety Checklists


form Disaster Preparation Checklist [pdf; 56k]


form Earthquake Safety Checklist [pdf; 230k]


form Emotional Health After a Disaster [pdf; 310k]


form Fire Prevention and Safety Checklist [pdf; 250k]


form Fire Safety Checklist for College Apartments [pdf; 176k]


form Fire Safety Checklist for College Dormitories [pdf; 92k]


form Fire Safety Checklist for People with Special Needs [pdf; 56k]


form Fire Safety Facts for Colleges [pdf; 24k]


form Fire Safety For Preschoolers Pamphlet [pdf; 1.3mb]


form Hillside Fire Safety Homeowner Checklist [pdf; 96k]


form Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf; 212k]


form Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist [pdf; 310k]


form Seasonal Flu Checklist [pdf; 220k]


form Wildfire Safety Checklist [pdf; 260k]

Safety Brochures/Manuals


form Bicycle Safety Helmet Brochure [pdf; 180k]


form Biohazard Preparedness [pdf; 480k]


form Childcare Center Health and Safety Reference Manual [pdf; 2.2mb]


form Fire Risks for the Mobility Impaired (FEMA)


form Fire Risks for the Blind or Visually Impaired (FEMA)


form Fire Risks for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing (FEMA)


form Fire Risks for the Older Adult (FEMA)


form Fire Safety for the Hard of Hearing


form Fire Safety for the Visually Impaired


form Living with Fire in Santa Clara County (20 page brochure) [pdf; 4.6mb]


form Play It Safe Newsletter [pdf; 1.0mb]


form Telephone Tips During Emergencies [pdf; 616k]

Fire Service Career Information


form About Santa Clara County Fire [pdf; 200k]


form Education and Training Information Sheet [pdf; 128k]


form Fire Service Career Information Sheet [pdf; 120k]


form "So You Want to Become a Firefighter" [pdf; 104k]



form 9-1-1 Information [pdf; 84k]


form AAA Car & Booster Seat Inspection Locations for California [pdf; 2.8mb]


form Cell Phones & Driving Safety, New California Law Effective 1 July 2008 [pdf; 88k]


form Cooling Center Locations [pdf; 113k]


form Farewell to Falls Information Brochure [pdf; 540k]


form Farewell to Falls Application Form [pdf; 108k]


form Fire Retardant Treatment Facilities - Santa Clara County - 2009 [pdf; 332k]


form Heat Related Illness [pdf; 475k]


form Heat Related Illness - Spanish [pdf; 500k]


form Heat Related Illness - Vietnamese [pdf; 270k]


form Hot Weather Safety Poster [pdf; 292k]


form Hot Weather Safety Poster - Spanish [pdf; 564k]


form Hot Weather Safety Poster - Vietnamese [pdf; 561k]


form Pandemic H1N1 Flu Virus Fact Sheet [pdf; 80k]


form Parent Project Flyer [pdf; 110k]


form Red Flag Warnings brochure [pdf; 1.5mb]


form Red Flag Warnings media release [pdf; 124k]


form Safely Surrendered Baby Law Sites in Santa Clara County [pdf; 16k]


form How to Fill and Use Sandbags [pdf; 36k]


form Vial of Life Medical Information Form [pdf; 48k]


form Senior Services Referrals [pdf; 796k]


Application Forms

form Application - Alternate Materials, Methods of Construction or Modifications of Code [pdf; 204k]
form Application - Copies of Public Records [pdf; 180k]
form Application - Fireworks Public Display Permit [pdf; 212k]
form Application - Installation or Modification of Fire Protection System Permit [pdf; 212k]
form Application - Model Rocket Permit [pdf; 200k]
form Application - Occupancy Permit [pdf; 208k]
form Application - Special Event Information Sheet [pdf; 205k]
form Application - Haunted House/Ghost Walk [pdf; 136k]


Standards & Guidelines

Emergency Access Roadways
Fire Department Apparatus Access SD&S A-1
Fire Lane Marking SD&S A-6
EWAS (Early Warning Alarm System) SD&S C-4
Driveways, Turnarounds and Turn Outs Serving up to Two Single-Family Dwellings SD&S D-1
Closure of Private Roadways, Driveways and Fire Apparatus Access Roadways SD&S G-1
Hazardous Materials
Key Box
Key Box Placement, Maintenance & Required Keys SD&S K-1
Special Subjects
Large Family Day Care Home Standards SD&S SI-1
Outdoor Carnivals and Fairs SD&S SI-2
Haunted Houses/Ghost Walks SD&S SI-4
Model Rocket Guidelines SD&S SI-5
Access-Controlled Egress Doors SD&S SI-6
Construction Site Safety SD&S SI-7
Outdoor Heaters SD&S SI-8
Tents, Canopies and Temporary Membrane Structures
Tents SD&S T-1
Fire Protection Systems
Installation of UG Piping, FDC's and Fire Hydrants SD&S SP-2
Sprinkler Installation Standards for Multi-unit Residences SD&S SP-5
Installation of Fire Systems in Dwellings SD&S SP-6
Water Supply & Hydrants
Residential Private Hydrants, Tanks and Water Supplies for Single Family Dwellings SD&S W-1
Private Hydrant for other than Single Family Dwellings SD&S W-2
Marking of Fire Department Connections, Post Indicator Valves, and Private Fire Hydrants SD&S W-3
Testing and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protections Systems
General Instructions Sheet
Covers information for all systems - Forms are accessible from within the instruction document.


Historical Maps from 1950

form Central Fire District 1950 historical map [pdf; 3.3mb]

form Alum Rock area 1950 historical map [pdf; 1.0mb]

form Cottage Grove area 1950 historical map [pdf; 960k]

form Los Gatos/Almaden area 1950 historical map [pdf; 1.3mb]

form Quito area 1950 historical map [pdf; 1.2mb]


Volunteer Firefighter Administrative Forms

formExplorer Program Flyer [pdf; 1.5mb]

form Response Form [pdf; 36k]


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